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Kharpocho Fort


Skardu is known as the city of gigantic forts, with marvelous topography, ancient structures from the 15th century, and remarkable hospitality, especially when it comes to tourism in the area’s vicinity. The Kharpocho Fort is one of the magnificent sculptures, land-ironies lying in Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistani region of Pakistan.  The location of this fort is on top of rocks, which is why the place is also translated as ‘fort on Rocks’ on google. Even one can see and witness the beauty of the rocks of Skardu while standing here!


Kharpocho fort is located at a drive of about 15hours from Islamabad International Airport via N-15 and S-1, as mostly International tourists do book online to Islamabad first then, board a bus trip to reach this beautiful destination. Whereas, for time-savers explorers, one can ask for a connecting flight direct from Islamabad or with an interval of some hours and fly directly to Skardu Airport.


As the weather up north in Pakistan gets extremely cold during the winter, the best time to visit Skardu is from April to September. Cherry blossom starts in Skardu in early April and lasts for some two weeks. So let’s see if you are lucky enough to book your seats at this optimal time of the year!

Things to Pack:

While Kharpocho Fort is situated on rocks, the terrain is uneven and quite steep, along with being filled with somewhat slippery rocks. So don’t forget to pack these:

Day Hike Essential Gear that includes

  • Backpack
  • Water
  • Food
  • Sun protection block
  • Cap
  • Good grip boots
  • First Aid Kits
  • Camera
  • Power Bank

Accommodation and Food:

The place has its character and feels, demonstrating how kings and queens of that time, used to live along with their families and servants. There are rooms available for stay as well inside the Fort (though very expensive). The food is very nice so plan a lunch if you are visiting the Bazar which is just a 15 min hike away. But tourists, who are visiting spend some memorable hours in the fort and leave for their hotels for night stays. 

Activities that attract Tourists:

Since, the Fort stands tall on the brink of River Indus in Skardu city and overlooks it, and approximately on a 15-min hike from Skardu Bazar downside. 

Camping is another activity for bachelors or night-life lovers. As the canopy gets darker, winds get colder and the echoes inside the mesmerizing fort get louder.

An instinctive wad of stone and rock along with the rough edges make it look like being forged out of the mountain itself. 

Care and Caution!!

This fort is an excellent example of mastery of ancient engineering techniques. The architecture is beautifully designed and very ancient, since then its presence required good to take care. Therefore, authorities working in GB take strict cleanliness measures, appreciate the usage of polybags for disposing of wastes. It is made mandatory NOT TO LITTER the tourist spots and keep beauty ever cherishable.