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Nagar District


The Nagar District is one of the 14 districts of the Pakistan-administered territory of Gilgit-Baltistan. Nagar District is located in the northeast of District Gilgit around some 65 km and it is elevated of 2590m from sea level. The Nagar District was established in 2015 by the division of the Hunza–Nagar District into two districts: the Hunza District and the Nagar District. The district has its main headquarters in Nagar Khas, the capital city of Nagar District.

Route to Nagar Valley

To reach Nagar Valley, a road trip offers a drive of 13 hours from Islamabad International Airport via N-15 and Karakoram Highway/N-35. Whereas, if you book a direct flight to Gilgit Airport, your road will be minimized to only a 2hour15 min drive to Nagar.

Places to visit and activities in Nagar

District Nagar is divided into two divisions. Nagar 1 (Lower Nagar) and Nagar 2 (upper Nagar). The whole district is being controlled by the district Administration Nagar from the district secretariat and Capital area of Harespo Das. It’s a beautiful valley with gigantic mountains and breathtaking villages.The main attractions are:

  • Rakaposhi View Point Ghulmet Nagar.

Rakaposhi view Nagar is the main hub for travelers and tourists to stay. Spend some time on the bank of the flowing stream by having a glimpse of Rakaposhi peak and the flowing voices of the stream is a quality and memorable time. It is mainly for shorts stays and overnight stays. Hotels and restaurants are built and maintained in a very professional way along the bank sides of the flowing streams coming from Rakaposhi Peak. The hotels are well equipped and developed seasonally due to the tourist main attraction.

  • Gappa Valley Nagar

Gappa Valley is a beautiful tourist spot in the District of Nagar, Gilgit-Baltistan. Gappa valley is not less than a paradise for Trek-lovers and peace-loving tourists. From a tourism point of view, this place always welcomes tourists with its natural forests, fountain, grasslands local dishes, amazing and cooperative people, and on top of the magnificent view of the great Rakaposhi peak.

Gappa Valley is a 3-km track covered with 4/4 safari jeeps.

  • Shahshabaran Ghulmet Nagar

Shahshabaran Ghulmet is located in the district Nagar of Ghulmet Village. The outstanding feature of this place is that Shahshabaran is known for its amazing views of the western Nagar(Nagar 1) also there is a historical Polo ground. History reveals that during the princely periods, the ground was often visited by the prince at that time. But now this point is completely reserved for Livestock due to its green and healthy grasslands. You may camp here for a day and explore the nearby amazing green mountains and view the down areas of western Nagar and northern Nagar with the amazing views until karimabad Hunza and Aliabad Hunza.

  • Minapin Valley Nagar.

Minapin Valley is the main hotel hub in Nagar. You will find top hotels here and from there you may easily plan your trip to schedule nearby places easily. There are some famous hotels and restaurants which are famous for their hospitality and the amazing services of hotel owners. Owners are personally interacting with tourists, looking after for everything to make sure a smooth and easy stay for tourists. There are cherry gardens, apricot gardens which the local offers to the traveler’s guest.

  • Hapakun Camping site Nagar

Hapakun Camping site is one of the most inviting and beautiful meadows in the whole Hunza Nagar. It takes two hours from Minapin village. It’s a green meadow and the first stopover to Rakaposhi basecamp. This trek is getting famous every year. Many local and international travelers had done this trek and wrote on many forums about its beauty and historical aspect. Hapakun Camping Site has only one camp hotel to serve tourists and travelers. However, before going to plan the Rakaposhi basecamp trek or Hapakun camping site make sure you contact some local hotel owners in Minapin or nearby hotels at Rakaposhi View Point Nagar so that they will arrange you a best possible facility there. 

  • Rakaposhi Basecamp Trek and Taghafari Nagar.

Hapakun Campsite is an interesting stopover while going to Rakaposhi Base Camp. Things to do in Nagar valley Gilgit Baltistan demands you to must visit this area to know about what Nagar valley is all about and why the magnetic and alluring Rakaposhi peaks invite you when you just view it from Hunza or nearby places.

  • Diran Basecamp Trek Nagar.

Diran Basecamp is also an uphill track and takes more time than the Rakaposhi base camp. To reach Diran basecamp you have to cover Rakaposhi basecamp and then there is a long glacier paved named Minapin glacier which you have to follow to reach Diran Basecamp.

  • Minapin Glacier Nagar.

Minapin glacier is also a lovely point to experience while visiting Rakaposhi basecamp and Diran basecamp. Interestingly it attracts visitors by its while paved snow and deep crevasses.

  • Kacheli Lake Nagar.

Kacheli(kachali) Lake Nagar lies about 3500m and has to reach via Minapin village of Nagar. It is one of the bewildering picnic and trekking points. It takes two hours from Minapin to Hapakun camping site.

You may camp for a night stay either at Hapakun or Basecamp of Rakaposhi it depends on your itinerary. From Rakaposhi Basecamp its takes 2 to 3 hours to cross the Minapin glacier to reach Diran basecamp. Time depends on your movement. When you reach Diran basecamp there is an uphill trek that takes two hours to reach Kacheli Lake.

  • Beekichang Gotum Cricket Stadium Pisan Nagar.

This point is also famous for one day trip in Nagar Valley. Beekichang Gotum is a famous cricket stadium where local cricket tournament is conducting annually. Now this point can be accessed via vehicle.  This is a place with no hotels, and no service, rather a place of go-and-explore and self-cook.

  • Roof Top of Nagar Miacher Kho.

Miacher is also a center and rooftop of Hunza Nagar. Where you may get the birdseye view of both Hunza and Nagar. To reach Miacher Kho, you may take 4/4 vehicles and enjoy the track until you reach who. It takes one hour to reach.

  • Hoppar Valley and Hoppar Glacier.
  • Rush Lake Nagar.
  • Mamubar Camping site (Sumayar Nagar)
  • Talugotum Hill station and Waterfall Qasimabad Nagar.

Talugotum Hill Station And Waterfall is an unexplored tourist attraction and has a big potential to gain the attention of tourists.

  • Chapshuro Food Street Thole Nagar
  • Royal Palace Garden Nagar Khas.

You may get a thorough visit to the palace with complete historical guidance. But you would be needing prior permission to arrange a visit. This visit would surely be worth your whole tour by knowing the historical background of Nagar People

What Nagar wants from us?

Nagar wants us to keep its beauty unique, and impeccable like ever it had been for decades, by keeping it clean from all wastes and garbage. It is mandatory to use polybags and keeps the rivers, streams, and valleys clean.