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Astore District is one of the 14 prime districts of the Pakistani-administered territory of Gilgit−Baltistan (GB), While the district has headquarters in Astore Valley. Astore Valley is the main tourist attraction in Astore for being surrounded with snow, packed with ice, and revamped with excitement in every niche and corner of the beautiful valley.

Routes to Astore:

There are two main routes followed by tourists and visitors to reach Astore via Chillas.

Route 1 is to Chillas via Islamabad as the paths follow like from Islamabad-Naran-Babusar-Chillas. It takes around 11-hour road traveling, which is safe and advisable. 

Route 2 is via Karakoram Highway. This route passes through, Abbottabad, Bisham, and Dassu, an extra 4 hours traveling. But meets Chillas. The route is open throughout the year. 

Both routes meet at Chillas from where the Raikot Bridge is situated at a 4-hour drive to Jaglot and then a few kilometers to finally Astore. 

There are no direct flights To Astore but since the development of Airport in Gilgit, you can opt for the daily flight departing from Islamabad to Gilgit and then from Gilgit,  a 2-hour drive to reach Astore.

The weather of Astore?

In summers, the weather is quite pleasant but during winters, the climate goes beyond 0. 5-6 inches of snowfall can easily be seen with feet almost completely dumped in ice.

Best Time to Visit Astore?

March, April, May, June, July, August, September, and October are the best months to visit and explore the beauty of Astore.

Places to visit in Astore?

  • Rupal Base Camp, Astore:
  • Rama Lake
  • Tarashing Valley
  • Chillam Chowki
  • Deosai Bara Pani
  • Minimarg
  • Nanga Parbat ViewPoint

Activities That Astore Offers!

Festivals and Events

  1. People from all over the world visit Astore to attend the Rama festival, which reflects the cultural heritage and history of the people of Gilgit and makes the people of Astore extremely festive at this time. 
  2. A polo festival usually takes place in September where people with teams from Astore and Gilgit Baltistan take part. There is also a cultural show.

Apart from these are activities like. 

  • Trekking
  • Camping
  • Multi-day Tours, Private Tours.
  • Scenic Waling Areas
  • Nanga Parbat long tracking

Accommodation in Astore?

There are various budget Friendly hotels available in Astore including Standard, deluxe, and executive rooms. The prices are cheap but a clever mind knows the tricks of the bargain. Apart from booking rooms, visitors opt for camping in vast plains and lush green grounds.

Astore’s Food:

If you plan to visit Astore Valley, don’t forget to try the traditional delicacies, including dumplings. And very famous apricots, apples, and potatoes fields are a die-for in Astore.


Jeeps and private cabin cars are on the go in Astore, you can book directly online, or have your hotel arrange one for you. You can also hire a car with a driver for private family tours from the nearby Transport Office in the area.

Essential Information And Services:

  • Tourist Assistance Helpline of District Astore: 05817930420
    • 1422 is another Tourist Helpline number
  • Be prepared, there is no cellular service during your stay. You can look for wifi available in the lobby of the hotel. 
  • Take sufficient rest, and pack your medicine box along while traveling. 
  • Keep a check on weather updates and also your hotel reservations. 
  • Keep Astore Clean from all wastes, wrappers of junk, and bottles. Use polybags and dispose of carefully.