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Chaqchan Mosque

Introduction A mosque is a sacred place in Islam and has great regard among Muslims, as they pray, celebrate the Islamic festivities together, and gather for prostration to God. There are several mosques in Muslim communities and countries. Without which the existence of an Islamic state is impossible. The Gilgit-Baltistan opens its doors to one of the unanimously beautifully designed… Read More »Chaqchan Mosque

Astore District

Introduction Astore District is one of the 14 prime districts of the Pakistani-administered territory of Gilgit−Baltistan (GB), While the district has headquarters in Astore Valley. Astore Valley is the main tourist attraction in Astore for being surrounded with snow, packed with ice, and revamped with excitement in every niche and corner of the beautiful valley. Routes to Astore: There are… Read More »Astore District


Introduction The name “Skardu” is believed to be derived from the Balti word meaning “a low land between two high places. The two high places are Shigar City at one end while Satpara Lake at the other end.  Skardu city is situated in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan.  Skardu, being Baltistan’s region capital is a beautiful landmark of heaven, peace, comfort, and nature.… Read More »Skardu