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So, have you been planning to visit the northern side of Pakistan? Or are you the one who wants to take your adventure to the ultimate level of excitement and see nature flaunting its colors at its peak?  Yes? Then, you are at the rightest place that promises to justify all your traveling and expenses up till here. The land of Giant shadows awaits to welcome you with all its astounding and panoramic beauty that would make you spellbound.  Deosai Plains! Yeah, you guessed that right!

Nature itself has carved these beautiful plains with the most amazing topography. The weather is quite unpredictable as sometimes it starts snowing in June and July.  The land has all that it takes to be called a park, therefore people often refer to this place as the Deosai Park. The splashes of water from the highest mountains and the chaotic greenery welcomes, an array of colorful flowers in August. Yeah, this is the advised time to visit the place.

A brief intro to Deosai- How can you get there?

The Deosai park is 3584 km square in the district of Astore, Skardu.  The place has origins in the region of Gilgit, Baltistan approximately 4114 meters above sea level.  There are two ways to get to that beautiful piece of nature and that is #1 via Skardu and is the shortest one while #2 is via Chillam in Astore Valley.  Both the routes are safe and sound as mostly you will be accompanied by a guide or also the protocols often monitoring highways.  

Let’s move on to the fun side!

The glance-stealer brown bear growls just behind somewhere in those golden bushes as you travel by or sees them. Caution: Don’t you dare offer them any food or go near them. They could be naughty as well as angry.  But a good sight for kids as they nod so loud.

 A ‘must-do things’ list at the Deosai National Park:

  • Visit the mesmerizing Sheosar Lake;

The lake extends on a maximum length of 3.2 km, and the water is just blue and fresh with no in-stream water.

  • Fish for the fresh-est trouts;

The fee is charged or you might need a fishing license for it.

  • Trek on well-trodden trails;
  • Enjoy an open night under the sky with the clearest stars;

Since Deosai is famous for providing excellent camping sites, one would be amazed at less luxurious, more comfortably natural space on earth.

  • Interact with the local and friendly wildlife;
  • Cross the bridge at Bara Pani.

The bridge is located between the Deosai Top and Kala Pani, preferably the best area of camping for a night’s stay.

Best Time To Visit Deosai:

As already said, the leisure time is the months from June to August but the best is commences in the last two weeks of August when the flora of Deosai is at the peak. The flower season has a variety of more than 1000 flowers to amaze you.

Where must I stay in Deosai?

Camping will be your resort here as mostly the tourists are recommended to bring their camps or the gear may be provided by the guide or company, you travel with. You can also get a camp on rent if available. Preferably is to avoid camping if you have younger kids or babies but teens would perfectly go with the sway in the beauty of Deosai.

Witness the wonder?

  • Well, I am sure you would be pleased to know what else this place offers. The second highest mountain on earth,  the great K2 mountain, is visible from a small village named Sadpara near Deosai

Important Tips

Since the place is rocky, and you are with family, it’s preferable to have a 4×4 vehicle in hand and also the raincoats and umbrellas as the weather is quite unpredictable.  No baby strollers, or gear is recommended since it will only end up you having distress in managing it. If you are alone, young, and energetic, then just put on your shoes, sticks and become a trekker. Let’s see how much adrenaline you have got!

Deosai has another feature that has made it a center of attraction for the past many years and that is its bond deep-rooted with its cultural values. I swear, every time you visit this place you will often be amazed by its people who are always ready to flaunt and sway with their traditional music and dance. They have their nostalgic aroma that is still evergreen and ever enjoyable. The last and the most important part is, make sure you keep the area clean, so when you leave, the life there can welcome others the same way just like they welcomed and entertained you. No litter, as waste does not only looks bad but also makes the wildlife living miserable there.  ‘KEEP DEOSAI CLEAN’ is what the place wants from us!