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Ghizer District


Northern areas of Pakistan are known as the hub of tourism. Not only Pakistani people but visitors throughout the world come to explore the different parts of Northern Pakistan to bring adventurous and exceptional experiences to their lives. One such anonymously beautiful place of Northern Pakistan, the Gilgit-Baltistan region is Ghizer District. The district has Gahkuch as its capital, which is a small city surrounded by many small villages and snowy peaks.

How can you get there?

The distance of Ghizer district from Gilgit Airport is 115 km, by car, cabin, or local transport from Gilgit. The national visitors usually book online direct flights from Islamabad to Gilgit Airport and then travel by road to reach Ghizer. There are no airports or direct flights to Gilgit. One has to reach Islamabad and then travel by air or by road as per wish.

Best Time To Visit Ghizer District:

Ghizer has remarkable picturesque beauty. Season to visit its allure commences from May till mid-October is the best time to visit.

Places to Visit in Ghizer

  • Gakuch

The viewpoints in Gakuch include a valley known as Gakuch Bala. One can always go mountain climbing, hiking, and sightseeing in Gakuch. The weather is very pleasant from May till October after which it gets very cold.

  • Gupis

Gupis Valley is famous not only for its natural beauty but also because of the historical structures present there. One of them is the famous Gupis Fort. Gupis fort was built by the British Empire in the year 1805. But currently, it is poor in condition and needs restoration to be visited.

  • Stones of Megaliths

Nearby Gupis valley quite a few stones of megaliths stood still in a good state. It is said that these megaliths were raised in the 2nd millennium and are situated in different areas of Gupis and Ishkuman valley.

  • Khalti Lake

Khalti Lake was formed as a result of a major flood caused by the burst of mountains as the glacier retreated, about 25 years ago. Khalti Lake is the largest river in Ghizer District and is extremely famous for the freshest trout, and fishing.  During winters, the lakes get frozen and provide amazing gameplays ground.

  • Phander Valley

Phandar valley is one of the most attractive and prominent places in the Ghizer District. It is normally called ‘Little Kahmir’ due to its panoramic beauty and providing, vivid-eyed sceneries.

  • Ishkoman Valley

Ishkoman Valley provides excellent resilience for camping, under the sky, and getting a close-to-nature feeling. The sky is clear, Nights are silent with live bonfire adds to its zealous.

  • Shandur Top

Shandur Top situated at an altitude of 12,500 feet above sea level is famous for having the highest polo ground in the world. It is sometimes called Roof of the World. It is located in District Ghizer, Gilgit–Baltistan, Pakistan. The version of the polo game played in Shandur Polo Ground is considered to be the purest of all. It is also called free-style polo. The flowing Shandur Lake along the polo ground makes it more beautiful.

Hotels and Resorts

The district has good guest houses for visitors. The hotels are limited to some places, moreover, have many camping sites along river banks and lakes. The prices of guest rooms are cheap but also at places expensive due to less development.


Ghizer having extensive plantation due to well availability of water of the river, lakes is well known for its fruits and vegetables.  Valley is full of stone fruits in which walnut, apricot, almond, and peach are well known for their significance in domestic purposes. In addition to that, walnut, apricot, and almonds oil are used for cooking as well as other purposes. Apart from this, are the restaurants at Ghizer View Point that are providing delicious continental as well as traditional cuisines.


Availability of local transport makes it easier for visitors to reach the tourist’s points, through jeeps on rough and rocky tracks while cars and grand cabins can be booked or hired from your hotel staying-in.

1422 is a tourist helpline number that is operational throughout the Gilgit-Baltistan region to assist you in emergencies and help.


A valid VISA and passport must be kept throughout your itinerary as security check points appear quite often.

Use proper waste packs, polybags to dispose of wastes and litter, keeping Ghizer clean.