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Manthoka Waterfall


One of the main tourist-hit attractions and the splendid land of Gilgit-Baltistan belongs to the beautiful Valley of Kharmang. It is famous as one of the five main valleys in the Gilgit-Baltistan region. But a Valley situated in between the huge Karakoram mountains exhibits extraordinary and mystic waterfalls, which one cannot afford to miss the sight of. 

Let’s just peek into the amazement, a place has to offer:


Manthoka waterfall is located in the Kharmang district of Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan.  The place adds to the beauty of drive, as the water from the waterfall is channelized into a river that flows by the roadside. Therefore it has the majestic catch, one drools to stop over and watch.

SIZE of the Waterfall?

The waterfall is 180 feet from the level of the ground, flowing from the most topped uphills of the area. The waterfall is almost an hour’s drive from the main Khaplu Bridge.

Tourism at Manthoka!

The manthoka waterfall not only welcomes you with the freshest of its water gurgles, and rocky grounds but it also highlights one of the finely wooden designed restaurants. The worthy feat to enjoy in restaurants is the trout fishes, freshly caught and cooked to tease your taste buds. This is combined with the traditional Pakistani snack made out of gram flour ‘Pakora’ the fritters served with tea. Not forgetting to mention is the fresh trout farms for the sightseers for the ultimate frizzle.

Things-to-Pack for visiting a waterfall?

The sturdy hiking boots are what will protect you from getting injured in the rocky terrain. Sandals with buckles made out of plastic or water-resistant material. Apart from this is the umbrella as sometimes rain may start pouring in. Water directly from the fall is exceptionally refreshing and natural.

Khamosh Waterfall:

Khamosh Waterfall is originated in the Kharmang district of Gilgit-Baltistan.  Kharmang is also known as the Kartaksho is one of the five main valleys in Gilgit-Baltistan. This splendid waterfall is one of the highest altitudes falls in the region. It is also known as the ‘Shirithing waterfall’ Kharmang.

Size of the Waterfall

This beautiful waterfall is located at a distance of 60 Km from the lively Skardu city. Fresh, crystal, and ice-cold waterfalls from a height of 250km from the rocky mountains.  The water looks to flow like a stream and hits the ground, which later joins the Indus River.

Activities at the Khamosh Waterfall

The site has good, lush green grazing pastures as the nearby shepherds come over and feed the animals. The grounds are good for part-time camping, enjoying the breath-taking sound of the waterfall after a long, tiring journey.

What do we suggest? what route to take to get to these waterfalls?

If you are staying in Skardu, then it advisable is you book a private car to visit these waterfalls early in the morning. Some roads are mostly clean and the weather is clear. The Manthoka waterfall is at a drive of about 1 and a half hour from the Skardu city while almost 2-hour drive is situated Khamosh waterfall from the same city. Since there are no in-stay hotels and guest houses so early to rise, early to bed is the following principle here. 

What’s that one thing, the Waterfalls want from us?

Nature’s beautiful asset needs to be kept clean, preserved, and evergreen forever.  So, if you plan to visit them, do take along all the precautions of not spoiling nature by litter or waste instead use the nearby bins or polybags and keep the area clean.

The amazing waterfalls are stunning, calm, and mystic in nature, leaving an evergreen, remarkable and memorable visit in the hearts of its visitors.