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Sarfaranga Cold Desert


Sweat, hot air, Cactus, camel, and scorching sun are the unanimous description for a desert. And of course, nobody would want to go through such a hot and unfriendly place. And probably this is why we haven’t heard someone planning or wishing to go on a trip to a desert.

Where is this ‘wonder” desert located?

Its located in the most beautiful locality of Gilgit-Baltistan, beautiful land in Pakistan. Baltistan, Pakistan is auspicious in its topography, geography, cultural heritage, and traditional enthusiasm for ages.  The cold desert is exactly located at a distance of 5 km from Skardu on way to Shighar at a petrifying altitude of almost 1000 feet! Besides it, flows the largest river of Pakistan, the Great Indus River.  The place also attributes a fresh lake under the name of Blind Lake with fresh, lively, and jolly trout fish, you wouldn’t want to miss a catch on! Sarfaranga Cold Desert is the world’s highest cold desert with the largest dunes covered in snow, attracting people all around the world.

So, How Should I pack before leaving? How’s the temperature?

Obviously, at such an altitude, the variation in temperature and fall is highly expected. So the minimum it can drop to is -10C at night whereas temperature resorts to 28C in October during daytime.  In January, it falls to -25C when the toes go numb and you feel frost-bet!

Stay in the greatest and coldest Deserts?

There are no accommodation facilities yet being made available for visitors except for camping. You can take your gear as for camping at a nearby situated Blind Lake or move to Shighar town for night stays.   Most of the visitors especially the family people enjoy the sunset in Sarfaranga Desert and enjoy their brought-packed eatables there. Point to remember to keep yourself back with a handful of nutritious bars or packed food whatever you like. The Sunsets are brilliant, bold, and colorful everywhere but the one at Sarfaranga is enriched with the density of warmth, silence and the perks of seeing the sun behind the snow are unexplainable. The visitors are taken back to hotels in Skardu for night stays. And for more fun, some resort to camping at the Blind Lake just behind a little peak in Sarafaranga Desert. The lake is pillowed with lush green bushes and provides canopies for life in Sarfaranga.

Entertainment at Sarfaranga Cold Desert?

Here comes the most amazing part as to what would you do on the cold ground? Yes, the challenging tracks of this desert have been the center of attraction for people around the world, especially in June to August when the weather is pleasant and a huge, overwhelming call for a desert Rally is called.

Sarfaranga Desert Rally!

The rally is joined by many racers, from the country and also the foreign, zealous, race lovers. This has attracted several tourists who book by and watch the enthralling rally, chilling in the coolest deserts of the world. The rally usually takes place in August and September with unstoppable fun, leisure time for 3-4 days. But this year 2021, it is commencing in July to be witnessed by a huge number of people, making the whole event appear no less than of cultural festivity celebration in the area.  The vehicles can be registered online and on-ground while the show is free for the audience.


How could one miss another coldest and sound Katpana Desert of the Skardu district in Gilgit-Baltistan? According to the residents of the area, the place is also known as Biama Napko, for being located at a high altitude of 2226 m above sea level. This is the largest area covered by the desert for exclusively covering only the Pakistan-territory near the Skardu Airport.

Katpana Desert is thought by travelers as a landmark of reaching the destination of Skardu, as viewed from above on a plane. It also shares a significant position in the hearts of tourists for its staggering features.

Temperature? How cold?

Temperatures range from a maximum of 27C and a minimum of 8C, which can drop further to below −17 °C in December and January. The temperature very often drops as low as −25C.

Hotels for stays in Katpana Desert?

At katpana, you will find many hotels, guest houses, and resorts offering many activities to make your trip ever-memorable ever. The hotels arrange Bonefire, live BBQ of the cultural hunted meat of the area. You will find the most beautiful frizz of Katpana lake that flows nearby the desert. The sound of the water is so calm and soothes you into the perfect meditation mode, you are wanting after the tireless day.  Other than this, there is the continental variety on the menu too.  

Cultural Values of the North

The cultural heritage of Gilgit-Baltistan is manifested into a diversity of music, food, dress, and mesmeric traditional activities.

The deserts play an important role in bringing up the revenue for the place as it promotes tourism, the foreign influx is inclined towards the north due to its natural and traditional charisma.

But One must-remember thing is don’t forget to bring yourself along the pack of polybags to dispose of the waste and keep the deserts clean. The government of Pakistan is striving to keep the beauty of its lands clean and preserve it for the generations so that everyone can be welcomed with the zeal and warmth, one is looking for. So what are you waiting for? Just ask for a quote and roam on the northern side of Pakistan.