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Thalay La Trekking


While thinking of planning and visiting the most auspicious Northern areas of Pakistan, The great and beautiful Gilgit-Baltistani region, one must not forget the specialty, the identity of lands, the easiest and the most beautiful Thalay La Trek.  The place captivates the hearts of trekkers, hikers, and mountaineers!  We believe the warmth of friendly Batistani people, with their amazing hospitality, will create a life-long memory, for you to be cherished for a lifetime!

How can you get there?

The trek takes around 14 days in total and starts in the village of Askole. K2 base camp trek distance is 90 km, which involves daily trekking of 6-7 hours from Askole village.


There are a series of beautiful stations while traveling to Thalay La trek, as the loop of the tour goes like this:

Rawalpindi/Islamabad-to- Chillas-to-Skardu-to- Shigar-to-Khaplu Valley.

There are short stays at the nearby station while Night stays at Skardu, Shigar, and Khaplu valley too for the comfort of tourists. The trek tip is rough of 12-14 days. Tourists books direct flights to Islamabad International Airport and then by road according to the above-stated routes or; May ask for a connecting flight from Islamabad to direct Skardu Airport for airbus traveling lovers!


The thallay La lies exactly in the middle of Khaplu and Shigar Valley, the two most beautiful, developed, and marvelous landscapes of the Baltistani region. The place has a maximum altitude of 4572 m, whereas the trek is graded from easy to moderate. The trek does not require much mountaineering skills!

Best Time To Visit:

The favorable time for trekking at Thallay La is from Mid-June to the end of September.


Weather is ideally on-point especially when you visit Skardu in mid-June to the end of September as the most spectacular mountain scenery in the world, thriving cities, colorful markets of Shigar and Khaplu,  and the warm hospitality of people there is a must-trip to this part of the world.

Things to pack:

  • Trekking Shoes having a good grip;
  • Backpack with Raincover;
  • Walking Pole;
  • Head Torch;
  • Water Bottle;
  • Snacks;
  • Personal Medical Kit;
  • Day Bag.

Toursim activites at Thallay La;

Thallay La is the most easiest and interesting Trekking track between Khaplu and Shigar. The trek also serves as foothills of the great Karakoram Range. Having its location in the middle of Shigar and Khaplu, the place just like these Valleys is known for its orchards, apples, and apricots. Thallay La pass is a round trip trek going through beautiful lush green meadows, enjoyable scenery, and meeting the cheerful Balti Shepherds.

  • Tourists often take stays here under the open sky and often enjoy the night with stars and do photography
  • The livestock and women working in farms is a worthy sight spot here.
  • Camping,
  • Bonfire


Tourists who visit this majestic trek often stay in Khaplu or Shigar or may travel back to Skardu, if they left early morning.

Thalley Valley is located in Ghangche district, Gilgit-Baltistan on the bank of Shyok River. The valley is divided into two parts as Upper Thallay and Lower Thallay. The place has an astounding resort for tourists, named ‘Thallay Broq’ which has natural resources of pasture, water, Wildlife, and minerals, etc. Annually many national and International tourists visit Thallay Broq, Thallay La, and nearby Shinkang 5100 m pass.


Jeeps are easily available in the area, to be transferred back to their respective hotels.

CAUTION: The authorities of GB are always ensuring to serve the best to their visitors and do any extra mile possible to accommodate its visitors, therefore the only caution that we are expected to take is to keep the area clean and NOT LITTER. Instead, thus, the use of polybags is appreciated.